NRM Equine Balancer

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Suitable for overweight horses and ponies or those that maintain condition on forage-only diets.

NRM Equine Balancer has been formulated in conjunction with Kentucky Equine Research to provide a scientifically formulated feed to balance the diets of horses. Equine Balancer is a concentrated vitamin and mineral pellet and is suitable for horses that do not require the increased calorie intake provided by supplementary feed, but still require necessary vitamin and mineral intake for optimum good health.


Key Benefits and Features

Contains concentrated vitamins and minerals required for optimum general health.

An ideal supplement for overweight horses and ponies and ‘good doers’ that do not require additional calories.

Can also be added to a grain ration to meet requirements for essential vitamins and minerals.

Contains natural vitamin E, which has superior bioavailability compared to synthetic sources.