NRM Low GI Sport

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Low glycemic nutrition

Suitable for all performance horses.

NRM Low GI Sport® is scientifically formulated in conjunction with the experts in equine nutrition, Kentucky Equine Research, as a low glycemic feed that provides a slow release of cool energy to the horse. Low GI Sport® is formulated without grains to ensure a low starch level, which assists the natural digestive process and minimises the potential issues associated with high starch grain diets, such as fizzy behaviour, colic, laminitis and tying up. In order to create a feed that is low on the glycemic index, we sourced energy from premium fats (including EquiJewel® and high quality vegetable oil) and digestible fibres (including beet pulp and soy hulls).

Key Benefits and Features

  • Ideal for horses that suffer from laminitis and colic as well as those with behavioural issues associated with high starch diets.
  • Fortified with Equi-Jewel®, the ultimate high fat, conditioning supplement.
  • Contains super fibres, beet pulp and soy hulls for slow release energy.
  • Formulated to provide all the protein, vitamins and minerals for performance horses including natural vitamin E, which has superior bioavailability compared to synthetic sources.
  • Added Chromium to aid in stabilising blood sugar levels.
  • Nut form aids slower glycemic response and improved utilisation of nutrients.
  • Suitable for ground/paddock feeding.
  • Less waste – nuts are easy to pick up if feed bins are tipped over.
  • A convenient treat!