Prydes Rebuild 20Kg

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Premium Protein and Energy Supplement ‘Promotes topline and condition, for all types of horses’ Pryde’s ReBuild™ combines the benefits of high energy soyabean or lupin hull fibre, stabilised rice bran, quality lucerne leaf meal and soyabean proteins and canola and soyabean oils to provide you with a feed that is the perfect energy and protein top-up for any feeding program.


Some benefits Pryde’s ReBuild™: An energy dense feed, allows you to add energy to the diet without significantly increasing the diets bulk. The energy in ReBuild™ is derived for fibres and oils, posing little risk of digestive upset and allowing horses to remain calm and responsive when under saddle. Contains Sel-Plex® and Vitamin E, providing your horse with antioxidants to protect its muscles from damage during strenuous exercise. Fortified with Bio-Chrome™, which helps reduce the effects of stress and lactic acid accumulation during exercise. Contains Yea-Sacc®1026, a live yeast culture, which enhances the digestion and absorption of fibre, protein, calcium and phosphorous in the diet. Contains almost no starch, making it a suitable energy supplement for horses prone to tying up. Added Thiamine (Vitamin B1) assists in maintaining a horse’s appetite and composure.


Pryde’s ReBuild™ contains a balanced Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acid ratio, providing natural antiinflammatory compounds, improved function and strength of blood vessels and cells and conditions


Nutrient Analysis (as fed)

Digestible Energy 14.5 MJ/kg

Crude Protein 15.1 % Min

Crude Fat 18 % Max

Crude Fibre 13.4 %

Calcium 14.1 g/kg

Phosphorous 8.7 g/kg Max

Added Salt 0