Cydectin Pour On 2L

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Controls parasites with broad spectrum persistent activity for cattle and deer. Improves milk production in lactating dairy cows, and increases weight gains in growing beef and dairy cattle exposed to parasite challenge.


Gives 35 days control of Ostertagia, 28 days control of Trichostrongylus, and 42 days control of lungworm

Nil milk, meat and bobby calf withholding periods

Rainfast formula

Treats both lice and internal parasites



Kills worms and remains active for longer means feed is better utilized, providing increased milk production and weight gain

Safely drench any stock class any time of the year, at any stage of the season

Longer drench intervals = less frequent drenching, less time handling, and less stress for stock

Cydectin Pour-On kills both biting and sucking lice, conveniently treating lice and internal parasites at the same time. Stops cattle scratching on posts and expending nervous energy

Doesn’t affect dung beetle population enabling improved soil water retention, water quality, earthworm activity and farm productivity

Less eggs / larvae pasture contamination