Ballance Moss & Mold Lawn Fertilizer

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Lawn Fertiliser with Moss Killer is a granular fertiliser designed to promote healthy grass growth in all lawn types.



Nutrients: Nitrogen (N) – 5.8%, Phosphorus (P) – 3.1%, Sulpher (S) – 10.5%, Potassium (K) – 5%

Contains all the macro-nutrients needed to support good grass growth and also contains iron sulphate which is widely used to control moss growth

Formulated for use as a standalone fertiliser, and is conveniently packaged in 20kg bags



Grows more grass; Lawn Fertiliser with Moss Killer contains nitrogen, which is a growth multiplier. If conditions are right for grass growth, then applying Lawn Mix with Moss Killer will boost that growth

Replenishes soil nutrients; Lawn Mix with Moss Killer supplies essential macro-nutrients that are required for lush grass growth

Controls Moss

Promotes greening; as well as controlling moss, iron sulphate promotes greening of lawn grasses, producing a lush appearance without encouraging excessive growth