Benchmark Super Fibre Mash

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Super fibres, natural antioxidants and probiotics.

A nourishing fibre addition to any equine feed.

Why Benchmark Super Fibre Mash?

Benchmark Superfibre Mash™ is a tasty fibre source that has much to offer for all horses and ponies. The benefits of superfibres in soy hulls has been harnessed and digestive support improved with the addition of pre and pro-biotics and Melofeed™, a natural source of antioxidant. Importantly, a special mineral premix has been included to balance iron, copper & zinc ratios to ensure Benchmark Super Fibre Mash™ is a safe and balanced addition to any equine diet. Being low in sugars and starch, Benchmark Super Fibre Mash™ is safe for the laminitic and EMS horse and pony.