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Calstart is an oral nutritional product assisting cows over the transitional period at calving time. It is energy rich (15 MJ/litre) and contains the essential elements required at calving time, and stimulates appetite. Most cows experience some degree of metabolic crisis following calving. The negative energy balance often leads to milk fever (hypocalcaemia) and / or ketosis (acetonaemia). It is a very useful product for supportive therapy for sick cows that are not eating.

Drenching with Calstart will not only boost the cow’s calcium levels, it will:

Provide an energy boost
Stimulate the cow’s appetite
Improve metabolic function
Enhance reproductive performance
Help prevent milk fever and ketosis

Calcium chloride

Supplemental calcium helps the cow cope with the sudden and massive increase in calcium output with the onset of lactation. Boosting calcium levels helps prevent milk fever and allows time for the intestine and bone to adapt to the calcium demands of lactation. Calcium chloride is the most readily assimilable form of calcium.

Calcium Propionate

As well as also supplying calcium ions, calcium propionate is an important source of energy. Propionate is an important energy source for the cow; in addition the gluconeogenic properties of propionate may be useful in reducing the incidence of ketosis and fatty liver. Calcium propionate is also very rapidly absorbed.

Magnesium Sulphate

Magnesium aids in stimulating the active absorption of calcium via Parathyroid Hormone and Vitamin D stimulation. The magnesium in Calstart given following calving will therefore help overcome the metabolic crisis in addition to ensuring the cow’s high magnesium requirement is met. Magnesium sulphate is highly soluble and thus is absorbed much more rapidly by the cow’s digestive system than magnesium oxide.

Mono-Propylene Glycol (MPG)

MPG is a glucose precursor that gives an insulin response and reduces back-fat mobilisation for ketone production. This reduces appetite depression and improves the energy balance. MPG is absorbed directly into the bloodstream and used by the liver in the energetic pathways. A glucose peak occurs 30 minutes after drenching and this is thought to be a key factor in the protective effect against ketosis and in preventing weight loss after calving.


Molasses increases palatability and buffers against the caustic nature of calcium chloride. It also provides the rumen microbes with a simple form of carbohydrate to stimulate rumen fermentation and therefore cow appetite. The molasses provides a medium term energy source peaking within a few hours of administration.

Soya Bean Oil

Soya bean oil is a polyunsaturated fat that has a high energy content and very low viscosity. The use of added fats is well recognised as a means of increasing the energy content of the diet without having a negative effect on feed intake and appetite. Low levels of unsaturated oils will have no negative effects on rumen function or microbial populations unlike high levels which can inhibit microbial functioning. The low viscosity soya bean oil, combined with molasses, gives a smooth freeflowing product that has improved viscosity at lower temperatures resulting in a product that is easier to use on those cold winter mornings.


Rumen microbes convert cobalt to Vitamin B12, an essential vitamin, which the animal itself cannot make. Vitamin B12 is used as co-factor in a wide variety of metabolic processes in the body including, importantly, the conversion of propionic acid to succinate which then enters the Krebs Cycle to produce cellular energy. A deficiency in B12 will reduce the rate of propionate clearance giving rise to appetite depression.

ACADIAN® Seaweed Extract

ACADIAN® is a pure extract made from Ascophyllum nodosum – the premium marine plant exclusive to the cold North Atlantic. The value of seaweed has been generally attributed to the fact that it is low in carbohydrate and proteins and rich in trace elements; including B,D,E and other vitamin precursors such as beta-carotene; and various growth hormones. Other seaweed products are not always uniformly effective because of various contents of the trace elements and vitamins in other compounds due to the time and location of harvest and the method of processing. ACADIAN® seaweed extract is manufactured with fresh seaweed and a low heat, non-pressurized process to maximize the transfer of beneficial compounds from the seaweed to the extract. A good source of trace elements, the minerals in ACADIAN® seaweed extract are chelated, making them more available to the animal.

Rice Bran Oil

Rice bran is a good source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids and antioxidant nutrients. Rice Bran Oil has become a quite sought after product not only for its high-energy value and essential fatty acid content, but also as Rice Bran Oil is one of the few natural sources of gammaoryzanol and ferulic acid. Gamma oryzanol has effects on the body’s endocrine system resulting in increased metabolism of fat; in addition studies have shown that gamma oryzanol is a natural antioxidant.


As with Calol® the secret to Calstart® is the special emulsion that allows the ingredients to stay easily in suspension and have a very smooth texture making drenching very easy. Calstart® will go through power drench systems if required, with no problems.

Mineral Content and Energy Levels

The minerals in Calstart are highly soluble salts and so are assimilated by the cow much faster than oxide or carbonate salts. The transition cow needs these nutritional essentials immediately!

Elemental calcium 51 g/litre
Elemental magnesium 11.9 g/Litre
Energy level 15 MJ/litre
Calstart® is designed to be administered to cows usually by a single oral drench or via addition to supplementary feed. The dose rate is 500ml to 1 litre per cow as soon as practical after calving. Additional doses for up to 4 days. Do not exceed 3 litres per cow per day. Because this product contains calcium, do not administer before calving except under veterinary advice.

This product is exempt from registration being an oral nutritional compound compliant with Schedule 4 of the ACVM regulations 2001.