Duwell Soothe All (Tummy Sooth)

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Containing the below ingredients that have been proven over years to help with relieving irritation and inflammation of the respiratory, digestive and urinary systems and aiding in the repair the mucus lining of any affected area and overall improvement of discomfort and pain in the body.

Marshmallow Root: works to relieve respiratory, digestive and urinary system inflammation and irritation. Provides a protective layer over aggravated mucous membranes.

Slippery Elm Powder helps to repair the mucus lining of any affected area, including the respiratory (coughs) and intestinal tract. Soothes inflammation both internally and externally.

Red Marine Algae buffers stomach acid which helps to relieve stomach ulcer symptoms.  Also assists with reducing arthritic symptoms and discomfort in the overall body including joint pain.

Feeding rate 20gm twice daily OR 20gm three times per day for severe symptoms

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