Elite Equine Breed 1.5kg

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The Ultimate Support for Growth & Development. Ideal for breeding horses and young stock. 

The only breeding supplement/feed to use a high level of nucleotides effective in promoting correct development especially in utero.

Supplementation is superior to feeding a breeding premix!

Whether you own a breeding stallion, mare in foal or weanlings, this formula is specifically designed for reproduction demands and the high growth rates of young stock 0-2 years. The nutrition requirements for reproductive horses are considerably different from working or spelling horses and should be catered for separately. 

Why feed a supplement rather than a premix designed for Breeding or Growing horses?

Firstly, different horses require different feed quantities. How much you feed a horse depends on how many calories it requires and this can vary wildly between a well covered broodmare, thoroughbred yearling, a creep feeding weanling and a mare due to be served. Some horses need more feeding than others but the nutrients and mineral requirements are the same. Not all horses will be getting the maximum feed required to get the required nutrition they need. Many premixed products try to deliver both calories and nutrition in one product but the concept is flawed as some horses get too much and some not enough of the nutrients they need to correctly support a developing foal.

The benefits of feeding a top quality supplement mean that you can feed more simply and cheaply, and easily increase or decrease the feed component as required, without compromising the nutritional content the horse is receiving.

The other important factor, is that most premixes don’t contain  high quality organic minerals and ingredients, and whilst some do use some organics, they are not used exclusively, meaning you have the potential for imbalances and differences in absorption rates. Also when you weigh up the cost, often it is cheaper to feed a supplement and keep the feeding simple.