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Our pony gets fat just looking at feed, is crabby and needs more energy to keep going.
My horse has suspected EMS, he gets fat easily and I don’t want anything heating?
He is hard to keep weight off but i’m competing and travelling so what should I feed?
Is there a feed I can just add to the current diet to support energy without heating and doesn’t pile on the weight?
I need a feed for our laminitis prone overweight pony. She lacks energy when exercised and feeding more just makes her fat.

VITALIZE™ Grain Free feed may improve the health and performance of heavier breeds.

Safe to feed dry, dampened or even soaked for additional hydration.

Combine with any feed including any mash or beet or simply replace an existing feed to begin a new diet.

Throw a handful or more into an existing feed to encourage appetite or provide a safe source of vital energy with health in mind. 

For many pleasure and performance horses a diet with excessive amounts of starch and sugar can trigger health problems.

Harvest Grains VITALIZE™ Grain Free low starch low sugar formula combines wholefoods plus select chains of ingredients to support digestive tract efficiency, good health and more efficient metabolism of food sources.

Naturally occurring minerals and vitamins provide bio available sources of nutrition for health, performance, and recovery.

VITALIZE™ Grain Free is a next level feed designed for the diets of New Zealand horses and ponies. For heavier breeds and those on weight control diets this naturally low starch low sugar formula may provide the controlled energy and vitality without excess weight gain your horse or pony desperately needs.

  • Provide additional salt or electrolytes if sweat loss increases.

  • Provide access to clean water at all times