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Same trusted and proven formula in a great new look!

Hygain® Sporthorse® Performance Horse Supplement is a multivitamin and trace mineral concentrate, for use in horse’s diets where additional supplementation of these nutrients may be beneficial.

Hygain® Sporthorse® is a complete, balanced multivitamin and mineral supplement in a highly palatable pelleted form, with the added benefits of a Prebiotic and Probiotic for optimal gut health. 

Sporthorse® is scientifically formulated to provide balanced levels of horse specific essential amino acids, bio-chelated minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.  Sporthorse® may be used to supplement a current diet, which is ideal for performance horses in training and competition. It can also be fed on its own, which is particularly beneficial for good doers and easy keepers requiring nutrients without the bulk of a full feed.