Lanati Cordfree Trimmers

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Convenient and efficient, this LANATI Cordfree Trimmer is perfect for all of your clipping needs from the fine points on horses to cats and dogs. Conveniently, turn the rotating-adjuster to set hair length between 0.8 and 2 mm or for longer coat length, fit one of the combs – 4 are included for you to choose from. Work in the comfort of your own home, yard, or stable. Also used by many veterinarians for convenience and performance in preparing animals pre-surgery.



Perfect for grooming/fitting horses, cattle, sheep, deer and heavier coated breeds of dog, the LANATI Cordfree 30 W Trimmer makes it easy to clip and groom in the convenience of your own yard or stall with no need to connect to a power outlet.

With a run time of up to two hours on a battery charge, you can easily clip with speed and precision. Comfortable and lightweight, it fits well in the hand and it comes with 2 batteries so you can have one on charge while using the other.

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30w, 3w