NRM Mixed Grain

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Whole wheat with steam flaked maize, barley and peas.

  • Contains whole wheat which is ideal for feeding to all classes of birds but particularly waterfowl.
  • Contains steam flaked maize, barley and peas to create more evenly sized particles than dry rolling which may improve intake and performance.
  • Processed to ensure good digestibility, utilisation and appeal.
  • Contains only NZ grown, non-GMO grains and legumes with a proven mould inhibitor to preserve freshness.
  • Mixed Grain is not a complete feed and should only be offered as a supplement to other feeds as part of a complete diet that is suitable for the type of bird being fed relative to its stage of production.
  • Grains are low in some essential major minerals, trace elements and vitamins so users should ensure the complete diet is balanced.
  • Always introduce new feeds gradually.
  • Discard any feed which becomes dusty or mouldy due to water damage during transport or storage.
  • Ensure that fresh, clean drinking water is always available.