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NeighLox is a feed supplement for horses on high grain diets or reduced forage intakes.  Reducing excess gastric acid in horses and foals Neighlox is a palatable, pelleted feed supplement that may relieve some gastrointestinal problems associated with high grain diets.


The demands of training, racing or competition often results in horses being fed high grain or low forage diets, predisposing them to a number of digestive problems including:

*   gastric sensitivity,

*   stable vices,

*   loss of appetite,

*   colic,

*   loose droppings

*   weight loss, and

*   poor coat condition.


Antacids such as Neigh-Lox may be a good preventative tool to neutralise stomach acid, and can offer the horse some symptomatic relief of the discomfort associated with ulcers.  


Neigh-Lox’s concentrated pelleted form allows it to be fed daily mixed with the normal grain ration, or given just prior to work. It has been shown to neutralize gastric acid as well as to protect and preserve the stomach lining from continuous overexposure to gastric acid. The product is safe for use in horses from foals and weanlings to performance horses and breeding stock. Unlike other agents, there is no need to withhold use of Neigh Lox prior to racing. urred.



Horses on high grain diets.

Horses in intense work.

Horses under stressful conditions.

Horses having a change in feeding management or reduced intake of forage e.g. travel, competition.

Horses that go off feed after hard work or competition.

Horses with stable vices e.g. wind-sucking.