Prydes Elite 300 20kg

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Pryde’s EasiFeed Elite 300® is a vitamin and mineral supplement pellet feed for horses of all disciplines. Containing concentrated vitamins, trace minerals and amino acids, this supplement is ideal for horses fed an unfortified diet.Low feeding rate
Use to fill nutrient gaps in diets based on forage, with or without unfortified grains
Contains natural Vitamin E and organic selenium for muscle protection, plus organic copper and zinc for coat colour and hoof health
Yeast prebiotic promotes healthy hindgut function
Rich in essential amino acids for strong hooves and muscles
Choose from using as a single feed to control weight or add to other feeds when additional calories are required
Major nutrients: Digestible energy 9.6MJ, crude protein 28.5%, crude fibre 6.1%, oil 8.3%, salt 0.5% and yeast prebiotic 117g