Dunstan Vits & Mins

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A Vitamin and Mineral Concentrate Pellet for all Horses

Concentrated source of key nutrients
Low intake Organic minerals
Selenium Yeast Natural Vitamin E
Ideal for ‘good doers’

Dunstan Vits + Mins provides a concentrated source of nutrients in a
low intake of feed.
Dunstan Vits + Mins balances forage and unfortified grain diets.
Dunstan Vits + Mins meets the nutrient shortfalls of pasture only diets.
Ideal for all horses that maintain body condition on pasture alone.
The low feeding rate makes it ideal for ‘good doers’ that do not require
the higher intakes of a full feed.
Dunstan Vits + Mins meets the pregnant mare’s requirement for
key minerals, assisting to reduce the incidence of skeletal disorders
associated with mineral deficiencies or imbalances in the subsequent foal.
Utilises Organic Minerals for improved bio-availability.
Includes Natural Vitamin E, the most bio-available form of Vitamin E.
Can be used to ‘top up’ the vitamin and mineral contribution in the diet
if feeding a full feed at below the recommended feeding rates.