Tui LawnForce Superstrike Hardwearing Lawn Seed 750g

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Tui LawnForce® Superstrike® Hardwearing Lawn Seed creates a fast establishing, hardwearing lawn to withstand the everyday wear and tear of children, pets and cars. This hardwearing blend includes ryegrass and turf fescue for a lawn suited to backyards, playgrounds, driveways and other high use areas.

All Tui LawnForce® Superstrike® Lawn Seed varieties feature a unique treatment which encourages fast establishment of lawn seed, so you can see results in as little as seven days^.

This industry leading treatment also protects the seed from common fungal diseases during establishment, reduces bird theft and includes an additive to minimise dust. Use Tui LawnForce® Superstrike® Hardwearing Lawn Seed, follow our 3 Steps of Lawn Care, and you’ll be enjoying a resilient, healthy green lawn in no time.

750g covers 30 square metres.