Yates Weed n Feed 2L

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Yates Weed ‘n’ Feed has dual-action technology to both control weeds and give the lawn a feed. It selectively kills Broadleaf Weeds including, Onehunga (Prickle) Weed, Catsear, Daisy, Clover, Chickweed, Chamomile, Dock, Thistle, Creeping Oxalis and Dandelion with added fertiliser that contains the nutrients nitrogen and iron to feed the lawn and promote lush green growth.
Easy to apply, on/off switch.
Selectively kills the most common Broadleaf weeds in lawns.
Wetting agent for improved spray coverage and leaf penetration.
Contains nitrogen and iron to promote a lush deep green lawn, phosphorus to promote strong root development and potassium for disease resistance.
The hose-on formula makes it easy to use with an on-off switch for easy attachment to your hose and control whilst spraying your lawn. Easy to manage and control spraying simple switch the nozzle off and on rather than having to go back to the hose tap! If you prefer the product can be diluted in water and applied through a watering can. Simply dilute 300ml in 9 litres of water and apply over 20 square metres using a watering can (dilutes 1 in 30 out of sprayer).