Dunstan Competition Mix 20kg

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Dunstan Competition Mix® is a medium energy, textured feed for all performance horses.

Ideal for competition horses of all different codes.

Dunstan Competition Mix® contains a lightly molassed blend of extruded cereals and protein materials to provide a medium energy diet suitable for horses requiring a quality performance feed with highly digestible ingredients.

The inclusion of cooked extruded cereals supplies a readily available energy source, but in a highly digestible form which is less likely to cause digestive upsets as a result of excessive fermentation in a caecum or hind gut.

Oil is supplied as a Vegetable Oil blend to enhance skin and coat condition.

The inclusion of the super fibre Soya Hulls contributes quality fibre to Dunstan Competition Mix.

Dunstan Competition Mix® contains a comprehensive formula of minerals. Minerals are provided as glycinate organic trace minerals resulting improved bio-availability. This ensures maximum feed and nutrient utilisation, also aiding development of the natural immune system.

Organic Selenium as Selenium Yeast is included to provide a highly available and safe for of Selenium.

Includes Natural Vitamin E.