McMillans Garlic Granules 2kg

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Garlic has been used as a food and a medicine for humans for over 6 centuries and is now in widespread use as a feed supplement for horses all over the world! Garlic has so many benefits and it is not surprising that Garlic Granules are the most commonly used herb for horses! It is a natural antibiotic with the huge advantage that it is selective, only destroying pathogens while allowing friendly guy flora to be retained. Also it can help in maintaining a clear respiratory system and can be commonly used for external and internal parasitic control. Garlic is also very rich in the minerals sulphur and selenium. Sulphur is well known as a blood cleansing mineral that is useful in preventing and treating disease, and selenium in garlic is an easy way to supplement this element necessary for muscular health and fertility in selenium deficient regions of the world.

Many thousands of people have discovered that Garlic acts as an effective natural fly repellent, helping reduce the use of chemical sprays.

Discover the power of garlic!