Keratex Mud Shield Powder

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Keratex Mud Shield Powder is a highly-acclaimed, handy, easy-to-use powder which you puff onto horse’s legs for a cleansing and waterproofing action on legs which are prone to scabs and broken skin in wet and muddy conditions.


The light talc will give your horse’s legs a breathable, resilient coat of powder that does not absorb water (and therefore does not become sticky). It also works by making the leg hair so silky that mud cannot grip on to hair or soften the skin underneath.


Further to this it will assist the horse’s natural defences against anything from mud and environmental water (such as muddy puddles and boggy fields) that might get into breaks in the skin and cause problems.



Keratex Mud Shield Powder is designed to assist the horse’s natural defenses against skin abnormalities.


How It Works.

Many horseowners attempt to counter the problems of dermatological abnormalities by applying a grease or salve to the affected area. But the micro-organisms which cause the problem are anaerobes: they cannot survive in the presence of oxygen, and any greasy treatment may actually make the problem worse. Keratex Mud Shield Powder deals with this by using finely powdered sulphur – an age old remedy for countering bacteria and fungi – in a mixture with aluminium stearate. This aluminium end of this long molecule grasps onto the nitrogen of the keratin in the skin of the leg, and the stearate end of the molecule is strongly water-repellent, drying the skin and keeping it dry in wet conditions.



Keratex Mud Shield Powder is applied by sprinkling onto your hand and applying it to the horse’s clean, dry leg, making sure a good covering is achieved and the powder has reached the skin.


Keratex Mud Shield Powder is available in a 450gm plastic talc bottle.


This respected product is widely recognised by the equestrian community as a leader in its field.