Alpaca Pellets (25kg)

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Country Harvest Alpaca Pellets are formulated to produce an energy and protein supplement from the forage lucerne. Whilst the fat soluble vitamins A, D and E would be present in most ruminant supplements, Country Harvest Alpaca Pellets also contain vitamin B1, the vitamin indicated in PEM (Polioencephalomalacia) and biotin, another B group vitamin active in horn and hoof development.


A quality high fibre Alpaca and Llama pellet to supplement pasture

Includes trace minerals and vitamins, plus inorganic phosphorus as dicalcium phosphate to provide for the generally recognised higher requirements for phosphorus by Alpacas and Llamas

Made in New Zealand


Contains additional fibre sources such as meadow hay chaff and sugar beet to further enhance the natural fibre intake

A balanced intake of vitamins and minerals ensures a feed that will meet the nutritional demands of Alpacas and Llamas at all life stages