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Also known as diamond mesh, chainlink is a soft wire woven to a desired height fence. Most commonly used in security fence applications, chainlink is also used in farm gate infill, dog kennels and many residential fence applications. Summit Steel & Wire offer a 2.5mm fence in either a 50mm or 75mm diamond option.

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25x50x1200x30m, 50 x 2.5 x 900 x 10m, 50×2.5.2400x15m, 50×2.5x1200x15m, 50×2.5x1500x15m, 50×2.5x1800x10m, 50×2.5x1800x15m, 50×2.5x1800x30m, 50×2.5x900x15m, 50×2.5x900x30m, 75×2.5x1800x15m, 75×2.5x900x10m, 75×2.5x900x15m, 75×2.5x900x30m