Defender Drench Gun

$89.95 inc. GST


Ergonomic design and smooth action. Highly visible Dial-a-dose indicator window. The barrel is easily unscrewed for cleaning and lubrication, and incorporates the front valve in a no-loss assembly. The valves are designed for easy flow of product. The Defender is supplied with required nozzles, and 1.3m of highly-flexible reinforced silicone 6.4mm i.d. delivery tubing.



8ml Defender – 1ml to 8ml in 0.5ml increments.

20ml Defender – 5ml to 20ml in 1ml increments.

30ml Defender – 5ml to 30ml in 2ml increments.

Dose rates of Defender guns are extremely accurate even at very low dose rates.

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20ml, 30ml, 8ml