Harvest Grains Harmonize

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Low GI – Grain Free – Molasses Free
Activate by submerging in water 10 minutes

Suitable for:

  • all equestrian activities and competition
  • showring preparation
  • recovery and rehabilitation  
  • common feed reactions
  • breeding, spelling, injured
  • weight control programs
  • hard to manage miniature horses

May assist health and maintenance when at risk of:
• Laminitis or founder 
• Metabolic issues (EMS, Cushings syndrome) 
• Feed induced Tying-Up (RER & PSSM) 
• Insulin resistance 
• Digestive or gastric issues / colic 
• Excitable, anxious, fizzy or hot

  *Safe for mares in foal

More Than A Feed
The diamond of all conditioning feeds for GIT maintenance and those with common feed sensitivities  
Our premium source of Omega 3 fatty acids and essential amino acids lysine and methionine to assist strength and recovery from every day challenges.
Additional biotin and chromium to improve conversion of feed nutrients.
More anti-oxidants to assist horses with restricted access to pasture and those in work.

Targets Insulin Sensitivity plus Carbohydrate and Protein Metabolism
HARMONIZE™ is a balanced feed developed for all sizes, age and breed. Suitable for horses that may experience digestive or feed related intolerances. This includes young nervous horses in work and those at risk of colic, ulcers, airway infection, laminitis, cushings, increased metabolic heat load and those rehabilitating on box rest.

ACTIVATE WITH WATER before feeding