Harvest Grains Megabuild

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  • Show ring and sales preparation
  • Yearling and Ready 2 Run preparation
  • Horses in training, travelling and competing
  • Underweight horses needing more condition
  • Spelling and rehabilitating horses
  • Mares & foals, yearlings and aged horses
  • Suitable for those with fussy appetites 

Optimizing your horses presentation and performance depends on physical health and wellness. It is important to provide essential vitamins and minerals to support the metabolism while maintaining hemoglobin for general good health. Your horse needs to feel and perform at his best while being able to recover rapidly

Supporting and enhancing physical growth, shine and condition while meeting the nutrient requirements for competition horses. 

Omega fatty acids and essential amino acids for show ring and sales preparation.

Essential amino acids lysine and methionine for strength and recovery plus important nutrients biotin and chromium to help improve the metabolism.

Mega-Build is suitable for nervous horses and young or difficult to maintain horses in hard work.