Hay – Compressed Bales – Wrapped

$34.95$38.50 inc. GST


A conventional hay bale compressed down to a smaller form-factor.

The compressed size and user-friendly packaging makes these bales ideal for lifestyle blocks, pet owners and equine events. It provides a significant space saving and still containing all the goodness of high quality hay. None of the nutritional value is lost in the process and there is less wastage hay left on the ground.

You can also store four times as much hay in the same space, and easily fit the wrapped bales into the back of your vehicle with no mess.

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Lucerne, Lucerne Hay – Wrapped, Meadow, Meadow – Wrapped, Meadow Wrapped, Supreme – Timothy & Cocksfoot, Supreme (Timothy & Cocksfoot) – Wrapped, Supreme Wrapped – Timothy & Cocksfoot

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