Hekeao Foal Blend 20kg

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A palatable, nutrient-dense grower muesli for foals, weanlings, and yearlings. Protein and amino acid status sets the benchmark for muscle and bone development in the young horse. FoalBlend Muesli presents a diet balanced for protein, energy, and the important minerals associated with bone growth.

BARLEY, PEAS, MAIZE, SOYA MEAL, MILK POWDER, LINSEED FLAKE, SALT, ESSENTIAL VITAMIN AND MINERAL BLEND, LYSINE, THREONINE, AGRIMOS®, LEVUCELL®, FUSIONTMDYAD, MOLASSES, OIL. FusionTMDyad® is designed to aid in the management of negative effects of feed borne mycotoxins for use as an aid in the management of mycotoxin contamination that may be present in feed.