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A fast acting, effective and convenient supplement specially formulated for nervous, hot or stressed horses. Each BetaCALM Paste contains a unique formulation containing the optimal level of Tryptophan plus four herbal ingredients to enhance the calming effect. It is a combination of natural herbs and the optimal level of L-Tryptophan, which can be used to create a calming effect in horses that are nervous, excited or stressed.

Tryptophan: An essential amino acid that stabilises the horse’s mood for a less excitable temperament. Tryptophan is not produced naturally by the horse and beneficial levels are not provided in feed. Tryptophan is converted in the body to serotonin, which helps to induce a feeling of calmness.

Black Cohosh: A herbal extract commonly associated with mild relaxation in periods of stress or anxiety.

Passion Flower: A herbal extract that supports a calm and relaxed disposition.

Hops: This herbal extract contains several nutrients including volatile oils, tannins, flavonoids, organic acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Often recommended as a tool against anxiety and stress, hops has a calming effect.

Ginger Root: Is believed to aid in the availability of dietary nutrients for digestion and metabolism and to facilitate the utilisation of available energy resources, thus soothing the horse.


Per 10mL: Tryptophan – 2000mg, Black Cohosh – 25mg, Passion Flower – 25mg, Hops – 25mg, Ginger Root – 25mg

DIRECTIONS: BetaCALM Paste is designed to be mixed in the horse’s feed. Dial the syringe to provide 10mL per 500kg horse. Give one hour prior to a stressful event. Use in accordance with competition rules and regulations. For longer term calming use BetaCALM Powder.

Size: 30mL syringe in a single carton. Each syringe contains 3x 10ml (500kg horse)