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A highly palatable, cherry flavoured liquid that stimulates hunger and encourages eating when horses are off their feed. AppeTITE is a liquid formula that can be used on a daily basis to improve eating habits or strategically for horses off their feed.

AppeTITE’s concentrated level of B vitamins stimulates the hunger reflex in the horse making them want to eat and look for food. It is a highly palatable cherry flavoured liquid that is slightly acidic which causes the horse to lick and produce saliva, stimulating them to eat.

Especially effective in performance horses or horses on a high grain/low forage diet, as they have an increased risk of a B vitamin deficiency. Maintaining appetite ensures the horse has the required energy for competition and can maintain body condition during times of stress.


Vitamins B1, B2, B6 & B12, Cherry Flavouring, Corn Syrup.


AppeTITE is designed to be mixed in the horse’s feed. Give 30mL until horse is eating normally.

If necessary, increase to 60mL with each feed for three days or until improvement in eating has occurred. Feeding recommendations are for 500kg bodyweight. Shake well before use.