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Magnesium is required for nerve and muscle function. During active pasture growth, magnesium is often low from the competition of elements; often due to higher uptake of potassium (by the grass); suppressing magnesium uptake.


Commonly referred to “grass affected behaviour.” Stress or highly bred horses may also need supplementary magnesium, as these types of horses use up magnesium much faster.


Signs of deficiency; often spooky, anxious or nervous, easily excited and/or with tense/tight muscles. A magnesium deficient horse can be difficult to handle or ride as a result. To remedy this; topping up magnesium is required to bring the level back within normal range, which in turn will relax the animal.


Mag-Eze® is an organic (amino acid chelate) form of magnesium; available as powder or liquid.


This provides higher bio-availability, which the body can therefore utilize easily. Magnesium comes in a wide range of compounds ie: such as magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride and magnesium carbonate; known as inorganic compounds.


Organic is more desirable which refers to the binding of a natural substance (such as an amino acid) offering higher bio-availability, digestibility and effectiveness; all at a low dose. Higher bio-availability therefore offers faster uptake; quickly raising levels and topping up shortfalls.


Chelation is the binding of the element to the protein (amino acid). The cell receptors recognise this form, due to the body’s natural affinity to protein.


General Characterisation: Naturally calming. Nil Swab. Mag-Eze® liquid provides a highly saturated solution of magnesium, Mag Eze REGULAR powder a pure powder chelate; both very efficient ways to feed magnesium at a low dose.


Benefits: Mag-Eze® provides a fast uptake topping up magnesium stores.


Mag eze liquid differs from other products due also to its high level of saturation. The high saturation point means a higher concentration of active constituent.


Currently Mag eze liquid is the highest of its kind on the market (2019).


Product Properties: Mag-Eze®pdr: white, free flowing powder, Mag Eze® liquid: golden to amber clear liquid


Example of Use: Administer as per label instructions


The amount of magnesium required for each horse can be quite different. For example; an anxious horse may require more. This is because the body uses magnesium for muscle and nerve function. The higher the muscular activity or nervous tension; the more magnesium is required.


Mag-Eze® Liq or Mag-Eze® pdr: To manage “grass affected” horses, we recommend: Mag Eze® liquid once only per week (100 – 120 mL) per 500 Kg During periods of active grass growth, the first week of dosing may require a higher dose. It is then fed once at 7 day intervals. Mag –Eze® powder REGULAR (per 500 Kg) 7.5-15 g daily Other factors for consideration: Higher sugars from lush pastures; can be reduced from work to expel excess energy or strip grazing; with the addition of hay. A heavier grass restriction may be required for some horses who tend to get fizzy. Digest- Easi PLUS is recommended at all other times to control ingested mycotoxins. Electrolyes, Vitamin E and selenium are factors to consider if muscles are constantly tight and becoming sore with work. Mag eze® is recommended in combination with good dietary management.