NRM Rabbit Pellets with Cycostat 66®

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A complete, balanced diet for both young growing rabbits and breeding stock

NRM Rabbit Pellets provide a complete diet for breeding stock and young growing rabbits and are also suitable for feeding to pet rabbits.

Feeding recommendation

All Young Rabbits: Introduce gradually from 2 weeks and then feed ad-lib.

Meat Rabbits: Feed ad-lib until 5 days prior to slaughter.

Angoras for fibre production: Feed ad-lib until 12 weeks of age and then restrict to 100-120g/day.

Breeders: Restrict to 100 – 120g/day after 8 weeks of age to prevent does becoming over fat.

Pregnant Does: Restrict to 150g/day until the last week of pregnancy and thereafter feed ad-lib.

Lactating Does: Ad-lib from last week of pregnancy until weaning (200-300g depending on the litter size).

Pet Rabbits: Provide additional fibre such as hay to add variety to the rabbit’s diet and reduce the risk of obesity.

Ensure rabbits have access to fresh, clean water at all times.

Note: At times rabbits can respond to a variety of stress factors by rapidly developing diarrhoea. If this occurs provide a good fibre source such as extra hay/straw, plenty of fresh water and temporarily reduce pellet and other feed intake. Consult a veterinarian if condition persists.

Ingredients selected from

Grain and grain by-products, oilseed meals and by-products, molasses, lucerne meal, grass seed fibre, raw fibre concentrate, minerals, vegetable oils, amino acids, vitamins and trace minerals, mould inhibitor, coccidiostat and flavour.


Please ensure product is stored in a cool, dry and vermin free environment.

Caution: Do not feed to any animal species other than those stipulated on the label.

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