Prydes Easi Result 20kg

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For Equestrian, Pleasure and Sport Horses. In its distinctive bag, your horse will be tickled pink with the taste of EasiResult™.


Combines the ease and convenience of feeding with a cool, responsive result – impulsion and calm power – without ‘fizz’. Ideal for travelling and show day – keeps a horse willing and content.


EasiResult™ is scientifically formulated from extruded (pressure-cooked) grains, oils and fibre to provide a well digested responsive, but ’cool’ energy source without ‘fizz’ EasiResult™ does not contain oats. Lupin and Soyabean hulls provide soluble fermentable fibre to help promote optimum hindgut digestion for sustained energy.


A full range of minerals and vitamins are included in Pryde’s Ex-Pel Pellets™ to maintain nutrient stability and to avoid dust and sifting out of fines, all rolled in molasses and oil to ensure optimum palatability for your horse.