Rainbow & Brown Grassmate

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Contains: 300g/L triclopyr as the butoxy ethyl ester plus 100g/L picloram as the amine salt in the form of an emulsifiable concentrate.

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Grassmate brushkiller is a grass, turf and pasture friendly way to control a wide range of prickle weeds, brush weeds and broadleaf weeds.

Selective herbicide – does not harm common pasture grasses.

Controls Blackberry, Broom, Gorse, Lupin, Tutus, Sweet Briar, and Matagouri and many other brush weeds

Grassmate brushkiller also controls broadleaf weeds including ragwort, thistles, fennel, nettle, and inkweed. Stump swab barberry, Old Man’s Beard,  woolly nightshade, wattle willow, and many more, in pasture.  Many of you will remember the Tordon Brushkiller (2)  product from years ago.  GrassMate triclopyr picloram product was developed as a generic product to compete against the Tordon herbicide (2) .

GrassMate herbicide controls a wide range of general broadleaf weeds in lawns and turf such as Hydrocotyle, Creeping Oxalis, Cape Daisy, Onehunga weed, and many more. GrassMate is a great sports ground, turf, and grass herbicide.

Add SuperWetter penetrant for year-round spraying.

GrassMate weedkiller is a great broadleaf weed spray but is grass and turf-friendly, so it makes it one of the best weed killers for lawns.  So if you are looking for the best weed killer for lawns then buy Grassmate.  It is a weed killer that won’t kill grass when used at the recommended rates.

The active ingredients of picloram and triclopyr make for a great brush killer spray and have long been used for controlling gorse, blackberry and other brushweeds.

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Apply Grassmate at 10-12L/ha for brush species.  In pasture weeds such as Ragwort, fennel, nettles, inkweed, thistles, and a wide range of broadleaf weeds are controlled. 

For spot spraying, the knapsack spray rate is 6ml/L of water.  Note this is just for spot spraying and should not be used at this rate for lawns.

For weed control in turf or lawns, this needs to be applied at the rate of 2L/ ha equivalent.  This is the same a 20ml/100m2.  This level is very dependent upon how heavily or lightly you spray so you really need to test how much coverage you get from your sprayer.

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