Rainbow & Brown MCPA 750 Spray

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Contains 750g/L of MCPA  dimethylamine salt as a water-soluble concentrate.
Rainbow & Brown’s MCPA 750 herbicide is for the control of thistles and other broadleaf weeds in pasture and cereal crops.

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MCPA 750 herbicide is a thistle spray for pastures that works well against all species, especially in younger growth stages.

It is grass friendly herbicide but will damage clover especially when used at the higher recommended rates.


MCPA750 herbicide is normally used as a boom spray in 100-200L water/Ha by ground or aerial application. It can also be applied by hand as a spot spray, at 5ml/L by knapsack or 500ml/100L by handgun.

Best applied to seedling and young weed plants when they are actively growing, from late autumn through to summer.

Economical at just 1.5 to 3L/Ha use rates.

Works well with clopyralid herbicide (approved handler certificate required) against hard to kill thistles (e.g. Californians), or other thistle species in situations where they have become resistant to applications of MCPA alone, or 2,4-D.

No withholding period is required, but we recommend that grazing is delayed for two days after application to ensure the herbicide is fully translocated by the weeds

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