Topflite Garden Bird Supporter Pack

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Let’s go Team Garden Bird! We’ve collaborated with Manaaki Whenua and the New Zealand Garden Bird Survey to create this Supporters’ Pack. It contains fan faves from our Wild Bird Feed range selected in conjunction with the NZGBS. Whether you’re preparing for this winter’s count (Saturday 24 June – Sunday 2 July 2023) or want to start welcoming garden birds by supplying a healthy feed, this pack is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

The Supporters’ Pack contains:

1 easy-use Topflite Energy Cake Feeder
1 nourishing Wild Bird Energy Cake – berry flavour
3 sachets of powdered Wild Bird Nectar —natural sugars enhanced with essential vitamins and minerals for healthy birds
1 ace Activity Pack developed by the NZGBS team. Contains bird identification tips, tally sheets and activities for bird lovers