Trouble & Trix Recyclies Cat Wand

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Giraffe, Flamingo, Elephant and Lion available.

Made with recycled bottles, these toys are great for your cat and re-use (rather than creating new) plastic materials*.

These toys are great for both your cat and the environment. Cats love to play.

They have a natural instinct to stalk, chase and pounce, which keeps them active in both mind and body, and this catnip-fuelled toy triggers all of these healthy behaviours.

*Catnip and wooden wand are not recycled plastic.

Always choose an appropriately sized toy for your pet.

Always supervise your pet’s playtime.

This toy is durable, but not indestructable, do not allow your cat to play with broken or damaged toys particularly if there is risk of swallowing.

For your pet’s safety, examine the toy from time to time and replace it when appropriate. 

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Elephant, Flamingo, Giraffe, Lion