Tuffrock Conditioner Plus

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Conditioner Plus is an all-natural, ultra-fine blend of aluminosilicate volcanic tuff (consolidated volcanic ash) suspended in a highly palatable colloidal solution. 

Conditioner Plus has a dual action: Supports natural Collagen Generation, digestive health and feed conversion. Collagen is the key building block for horses in many areas including skin, coat & hooves, manes, tails, joints, muscles, ligaments & tendons plus essential support for calcium uptake in bones enabling healthy skeletal structures.

All TuffRock feed additives undergo a patented manufacturing process for making volcanic minerals and hydrated aluminosilicates bio-available in colloidal suspension. The result is a range of super fine, micronized products reinforced down into concentrate form that are readily acceptable to horses of all ages.

The average age of TuffRock Conditioner Plus minerals are circa 350+ million years old so they are amongst the purest Mother Earth can provide. It is well regarded that a balanced diet including mineral earths has always been naturally sort out by horses in the wild for their obvious benefit to natural intestinal health.

The beneficial effects of natural intestinal health and collagen minerals may deliver results in all levels of equestrian disciplines such as healthy shiny coat condition, healthy hooves & overall natural well-being … great for competing horses and ponies. TuffRock Conditioner Plus may support feed conversion that is essential when experiencing changes in pasture and may complement all types of feed feeds for stabled horses that may be experiencing changes in environment, travel or horse shows.

Mineral Analysis listed on the product label and available on request

Winning horses need the right conditions …. inside and out

Application: 20mL daily for horses 350kg and over. 10mL daily for horses under 350kg. Dose twice daily for horses in hard work or recovery.

HINT : Shake bottle vigorously each time as the volcanic minerals are heavy and have a tendency to settle, and when you get 1/4 way down, add 1 tablespoon of hot water.

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