Tuffrock K9 JF Formula

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Holistic support for normal, healthy joints and natural freedom of movement.

Highly palatable, naturally flavored, powder for dogs of all ages.

Mix in with main meal once a day.

Contains no seafood, animal products or drugs.

Assists with digestive health, nutrient uptake, and collagen generation.

APPLICATION: 1 teaspoon < 10 kg dog weight   1.5 tsp < 30 kg dog weight   2 tsp < 50 kg dog weight

Senior dogs may require their ration twice a day depending on individual cases, however typically best applied once per day on main meal.


K9JF is highly palatable, complements every dogs’ diet and contains no products of animal origin, no seafood, drugs, chemicals etc, so we can focus on simply supporting normal healthy Joints and Muscles in dogs of all ages.