Goat Performance Pellets (Dairy Goat Pellets) 20kg

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High protein, high energy pellets formulated from non-GMO* ingredients designed for dairy goats

A high performance high protein mineralised compound feed formulated to meet the Dairy Goat Co-op requirements (January 2019) being free from both GM ingredients and PKE. Designed to support milk production and health of lactating dairy goats. A good option for milking house-cows.

Key Benefits and Features

Non-GM legumes (peas or beans) and/or canola meal to provide both rumen degradable and rumen by-pass protein to complement lower protein forages and deliver protein to support milk production.

Non-GM grains and molasses to deliver a high level of fermentable energy to support body condition and milk production.

Fortified with macro minerals calcium, phosphorus, sodium and magnesium for health and production.

A combination of organic copper for improved bio-availability and inorganic copper to counter antagonists to support health and performance.

Added vitamins for health, growth and fertility.

Durable pellets for feeding in the milking shed or mixing with forage.