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COOL FIBRE is made from 100% SOY HULLS. 
Soy hulls are the co-product of milling soy meal, they have long been regarded internationally as an excellent source of fibre for horses because of there superior digestibility.
This superior digestibility is why Soy Hulls are also included in the ‘Super Fibre’ family of Fibres; alongside, Beet Pulp and Linseed Flake.

People sometimes confuse the nutrient profile of Soy Hulls with Soyabean Meal and think they have a similar nutrient content. However, Soyabean Meal is a highly concentrated quality protein meal used as an ingredient in many muscle & conditioning concentrates.  
COOL FIBRE uses the Soy Hulls, which are the outer shell (or husk) of the soy beans & while the Soy Hulls have a moderate level of quality proteins and residual oil – they are valued in Equine Nutrition for the QUALITY FIBRE. 
Highly Digestible.
Excellent Source of Quality Proteins.
Fast Soaking For a Palatable Wet Mash.
Assists in Encouraging Improved Water Consumption.
Low GI.
Low Non Structural Carbohydrates (NSC).
Cool Energy.

Super Fibre & Prebiotic for Optimum Hind Gut Health.COOL FIBRE is an excellent Fibre Base that you can use as a great fibre mash to begin to build your Total Meal Ration. 
Make sure you still include a ‘Long Fibre’ in your bucket, such as chaff or chaffage, to support peristalis in the digesta and to encourage your horse to chew and grind his meal to support additional saliva production. 
Include any salt, cereals, supplements and minerals as you desire; or are advised by a Equine Health Professional. Note: While COOL FIBRE is suitable for horses with Metabolic Disorders, such as Laminitis and Cushings,  each horse or pony should be managed on a case by case basis and only after a professional consultation.
Fibre is a super food for horses and essential to their health and well-being. Quality proteins are essential to provide the fuel to repair and maintain tissue, blood, bone, joints, hair & hoof and general health.  
Storage of all equine feed is important to maintain the quality. Keep away from pests and rodents, store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight. Always provide clean drinking water to encourage water consumption. 
Water is an essential component of the digestive process as well as necessary for nutrient conversion and absorption.
Typical Analysis: Due to the nature of plant based ingredients, the nutritional analysis can vary slightly between batchs. Typical Analysis: DRY MATTER 90%, CRUDE PROTEIN 11.5%, CRUDE FAT 2.5% (FROM RESIDUAL OIL IN THE HULL), NDF 67%, STARCH <3%, NON STRUCTURAL CARBOYHYDRATES <7% AVERAGE,8MJ/KG DRY MATTER.