Leg Up Performance Equine Oil

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Omega Enriched Cold Pressed Oil

Leg Up Equine Oil has been specially formulated to provide the horse with its nutritional and therapeutic requirements and to assist in gaining peak performance.

Cold pressed rapeseed oil has an optimum omega-6 to omega-3 ratio (2:1). We enrich the rapeseed oil with marine oil from NZ caught fish that are high in fatty acids: EPA and DHA. These long chain omega-3 fatty acids improve the horses’ blood circulation and oxygen delivery to its muscles. Our promise is to provide Leg Up Equine Oil that is natural, fresh and ready to give you the edge over your competition.

Key Benefits

  • Promotes coat shine and improves condition
  • Assists respiratory health and blood flow
  • Balanced source of essential fatty acids critical to your horses’ health and diet (including the critical long chain omega 3s: EPA and DHA)
  • Cool source of energy
  • Maintains cell membranes

For Best Results

  • Feed in conjunction with a balanced diet
  • Feed in conjunction with Leg Up Meals

Nutritional Information

Typical Analysis
Energy 37 MJ/KG
Saturated 6%
Polyunsaturated 31%
Monounsaturated 63%
Omega 3 Linoleic 11%
Omega 6 Linoleic 20%
Omega 9 Oleic 63%
Major Nutrients Per 1kg
Digestible Energy 37 MJ
Crude Fat 100%
Saturated 6%
Polyunsaturated 31%
Monounsaturated 63%
Vitamin E 250mg

Leg Up Performance Oil combines premium New Zealand grown cold pressed rapeseed oil and NZ Hoki Oil to assist horses to look and perform at their best.

Leg Up Performance Oil provides horses with the essential long chain omegas EPA & DHA. These omegas improve oxygen delivery to the muscles which increases the time a horse can maintain peak intensity in the final stages of their event.

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